Pennwriters Area 5 September News

Happy September! With the changing weather comes less time outdoors and more time to write. So, settle in to your favorite writing chair and DO IT!!!!!

Perhaps an online writing coarse is what you need.

Announcing Pennwriters Online Writing Course:


Characters make a story but getting to know them isn’t easy. This enlightening, hands-on workshop will teach novice and intermediate writers how to look for, understand, and utilize clues given by the creative imagination. Decoding and unencrypting those clues leads to “story people” that readers will delight in.

WHEN: October 1 – 31

Catherine E. McLean, author of numerous short stories in many genres, will be the instructor.

COST: $79.00

Visit Pennwriters website to find out more! 


Recent Publications:

1. Sherry Knowlton’s new novel, DEAD OF AUTUMN, has been released by Sunbury Press.


1. Norma Huss’ new YA novel, CHERISH, is now available on Amazon in paperback and e-book. CHERISH is a ghost for all lovers of the genre.



Congratulations to Lynn Dempsey whose novel TAKE THE DOG OUT is a 2014 Readers’ Favorite Gold Medal Winner in the Children-Animals category! Way to go, Lynn!


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